Smids Studios



Smids Animation Studios is looking for new talent!

Smids is Nigeria’s Foremost Animation Studio that focuses on developing creative content for kids and family entertainment meant for audiences around the world. We fuse the richness of African culture with the latest technology and the knowledge and wisdom of traditional animation techniques to create world-class animation productions. We offer production services from end to end for high-end commercials, T.V. series, and films.

Our core strengths are in computer animation [CGI], motion graphics, and visual effects. Founded in 2010, Smids has a team of exceptionally creative talents, who combine passion, experience, and innovative thinking to give our clients and viewers the very best.



Experience cutting-edge hands-on animation training in Africa

The internship offers eligible and aspiring artists the opportunity to acquire direct practical experience in the Animation Industry. Interns take a deep dive into real productions and get a taste of what it is like to work in a creative environment. In the course of this program, you can expect a much-improved skill set. You will get the opportunity to build your portfolio while developing your skills as an artist


2D Animator

We are looking for a creative Animator to develop excellent visual frames in a variety of our media-based 2D projects. Your work will give life to storylines and characters.

Requirements and skills

  • Proven experience as an Animator
  • A creative storyteller
  • Comfortable working with deadlines and budget restrictions
  • Teamwork and excellent communication skills
  • Currently legally eligible to work full-time


Please include an up to date CV and  your current showreel


We are looking for a compositor to join our talented and talented team to work on a variety of media-based projects.


  • Prior experience compositing in animated production.
  • Experience as an animator in a 2D production is an asset.
  • Willingness to learn and have a great attitude.
  • Able to work and communicate effectively in a collaborative, fast-paced  environment.
  • Currently legally eligible to work full-time


Please include an update to date CV and your current showreel.

Digital Artist

Do you enjoy drawing and have a basic background in art?

Are you creative and passionate about using your drawing skills to build a career in animation?

If this describes you, consider joining us as an intern! Smidsanimation is looking for art interns to join our team.

This is a unique opportunity to work on current or developing projects with a view to using your style and talents to shape the tone of the production.

Interested applicants should Email us at 

Video Editor

We are looking for a video editor to join our production team. As a video editor, you will be responsible for assembling recorded video footage, applying artistic editing techniques, and creating finished, broadcast-worthy projects that accurately reflect the vision of the production director.

Requirements and skills

  • Proven work experience as a Video Editor
  • Solid experience with digital technology and editing software   
  • Familiarity with special effects, 2D, and compositing
  • Demonstrable video editing ability with a strong portfolio
  • Thorough knowledge of timing, motivation, and continuity
  • Creative mind and storytelling skills


Please include an updated CV and current showreel.

Motion Graphics

We are seeking a motivated and energetic artist to join our company.

You should also be an expert in other common design software.

Requirements and Skills

  • Prior experience with and a strong portfolio of motion graphics work.
  • Expert-level knowledge of common motion graphics design software.
  • Can create animations and special effects for media productions.
  • A never-ending desire to learn new techniques and technology to advance your craft.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Superb visual and conceptual skills to solve problems and create  solutions.


please send an updated CV and current show reel