Smids Studios


We are utilizing the power of modern, digital media and technology to tell stories that create impact. Storytelling is a traditional form of verbal expression in all indigenous African cultures and it is said that West African cultures have elevated the art of storytelling to its highest form as a medium of speech, communication & cultural appreciation.

KEKO AFRICA is an innovative solution that offers a comprehensive and engaging way for young learners to explore African culture, history, and language.

We believe that you cannot have great learning or build a great community without a focus on great and positive cultures.

KEKO AFRICA has a new children’s book series that brings African history and culture to life in a fun and engaging way. In today’s world, it is important for children to learn about diverse cultures and histories to help them become well-rounded global citizens. That is why we created Keko, to give children the opportunity to learn about African history and culture in an exciting and accessible way.

We believe that the Keko BOOK is an important addition to the world of children’s literature. We are excited to share these stories with children everywhere and to inspire them to learn more about African history and culture. We hope you will join us in celebrating the launch of Keko Africa.


The Awari Book Series is about an old eccentric archaeologist who relates African history to three kids in an explorer after-school club, and we get to see the adventures come to life while learning about different African history.

Our mission is to distribute 10,000 copies of our books to public schools in Nigeria, as well as extend our reach across Africa and libraries worldwide.

As part of our mission to promote cultural education, we will be embarking on a journey across schools, sharing the wonders of our books and empowering young minds with knowledge about their African roots. Through engaging activities and interactive sessions, we aim to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for our rich heritage.